Riverbend Hot Springs, New Mexico

Do you know a hot spring with a glorious view of American nature?

It is two hours’ drive from El Paso to get to a city with the unusual name, Truth or Consequences.

In the past, they changed the name to the title of a popular radio program, in order to revitalize the city.

Today, to tell the truth, the atmosphere of city would seem rather run-down.

However, here is one of the largest spa cities in the Southwestern United States.

Popular Spot in Spa City

After going through the quiet streets of Truth or Consequences, you will find the Rio Grande.

You may see several people coming and going to a building near the river; it looks a popular spot.


Walk-ins are for one-hour, and you can choose common pools or private baths.

The rate is $12 for common and $15 for private.

A bit cramped private bath

There are seven private baths, and all of them are open-air.

Here is one of the rooms, named Zuni.


Indeed, it is good that it is unnecessary to wear bath suits, but it is walled and you may feel cramped.

Open common pools

It is no exaggeration to say that the essence of this facility is in the common pools.

You need bath suits in the area, but the place is spacious and you may feel more relaxed.

Common Pool

There are so many hot tubs with different water temperature (around 104 to 107 degrees F).

For the same reason, you do not have to share a tub with strangers.


Behind the open-air tubs along the river, there is a space for relaxation, with hammocks, sun beds, and a sauna.

My favorite place is this hottest tub.

Hottest Tub

It is under the roof, but you can enjoy the glorious view of American nature even from this point.

Gallons of water are poured from the faucet in the shape of a turtle, and it looks extremely clean over all.

You will accept the great value of the nature of spring, with the slight mineral odor.

Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA
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