[Taikan Yokoyama’s Ocean] Izura Kanko Hotel, Izura Onsen

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Do you think it difficult to have a good hot spring in a large-sized hotel?

Indeed, it is usually true, so that small motels with hot springs often provide their water in a better condition.

However, there are some exceptions:

Izura in Ibaragi is one of the most important places for Japanese modern art, and is famous for its beautiful scenery.

In a large-sized hotel at such tourist spot, there is a great hot spring with characteristic smell.

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[Japan-Korea Disputes] House of Siloam

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Do only Japanese people enthusiastically love hot springs?

No, it is also applicable to Korean people.

In the United States, where accept diversity of ethnic groups, Korean community is one of the forces.

They maintain a hot spring with strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, which American people generally do not understand the value.

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[Firefly] Hatago Shibiso, Shibi Onsen

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Why do you think that you feel good when you are in an open-air bath?

An open-air bath is almost the only place where you can be naked in outdoor.

By getting naked, you can enjoy the changing seasons in perfect harmony with nature.

There is a hot spring where you can enjoy light of fireflies around rainy season.

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[Plentiful Water] La Paloma Too

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Do you think a hot spring upwelling from the ground is valuable?

Such kind of springs would be rare, because in general, only one tub can be placed right above the source of a spring.

However, in Truth or Consequences, one of the largest spa cities in the southwestern United States, there is plentiful water upwelling from the ground.

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[Zero Gravity] La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

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What do you think is efficacy of hot springs?

Do you think the most important element is the inclusion?

Actually, only a little inclusion can be absorbed through the skin.

Today I would like to introduce a hot spring in terms of “gravity.”

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[Debauched Pilgrims] Motoyu, Yoshino Onsen

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Do you associate Yoshino in Nara with cherry blossom viewing?

300 years ago, Mt. Yoshino was also a training site for ascetic pilgrims.

There remains a historical hot spring, where some of them debauched around the water.

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[Holy Land] Black Rock Hot Springs

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Where did American Indians choose the place for dwelling?

There is an American Indian’s dwelling in the northern area of New Mexico, surrounded by rich natural environment of the highland.

Near the holy place, which is designated a World Heritage site, you will find a hot spring upwelling.

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[Triple Enchantment] Ebisuya, Tamanashi Onsen

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Do you know the place where you can enjoy three different hot springs: an Onsen Ryokan and two public baths?

Ebisuya Ryokan is located in the mountains of Aizu area and there are no other inns nearby.

Nonetheless, it is surrounded by two public baths whose nature of the springs is different.

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[Clothing Optional] Faywood Hot Springs

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Do you think mixed bathing without clothing is Japan-specific culture?

It is not true.

In the United States, there are many hippies, who are said to originate from protests to the Vietnam War and deny rule-bond human living.

Actually mixed bathing culture exists across the United States, affected by hippies’ philosophy.

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