Okutsuso, Okutsu Onsen

Do you know what is a hot spring upwelling from the ground?

It  is a premium hot spring where you can enjoy extremely fresh water, because the sources of the spring is located directly at the bottom of tubs.

Okayama prefecture is famous for such springs, so I stayed in a Ryokan Okutsuso.

However, the enchantment of the inn was not just the hot spring upwelling from the ground.

Famous Kagi Yu

It is said that a famous print maker, Shiko Munakata loved this place.

You will go through the gorgeous entrance, which played an important role in creating the atmosphere of the small spa town.


It is a characteristic structure, which you need to go down from the ground floor to get to bathrooms.

Here is the famous Kagi Yu where a local lord had once occupied and prohibited common people from entering.

Kagi Yu

Look at inside the tub.

The water is extremely transparent and you can find rolling of the rocky bottom quite clearly.

From cracks of the rocks, the spring water is upwelling.

Tachi Yu

This small tub is named Tachi Yu.

The water is also upwelling from below but the tub is as deep as 50 inches.

These are available for men and women on a rotating basis.

The water temperature is moderate as 108 degrees F.

The nature of the spring does not have notable characteristic, so that the freshness is strongly emphasized.

Izumi No Yu

Here is a private bath named Izumi No Yu.

Although it is so small and located underground, you can see a lot of effort in the renovation especially around lightings so that it creates comfortable atmosphere.

Not Just Upwelling from the Ground

My most favorite bathroom is the private pool, Kawa No Yu which is not a spring upwelling from the ground.

Kawa No Yu

The same water as Kagi Yu is piped and the surface of the water is located on the same level of windows.

I opened the windows; a freshening breeze from the river went through the bathroom.

Then I realized the importance of believing in my five senses, not excessively pursuing hot springs upwelling from the ground as a hot spring maniac.

After so long bath time, I finally had the dinner.


Masterpiece, abalones for a hot pot.

It was not just delicious, but also memorable dinner.

Okutsuso, Okutsu Onsen, Okayama, Japan
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