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Do you know a famous Chinese proverb, things present are judged by the things past?

Visiting the oldest hot spring in the United States, I realized the hidden meaning.

Things Past

The city of Santa Fe was founded by Spanish colonists in 1610, which was far before the foundation of the United States.

It is an hour drive from the city to the direction of Taos to get to a hot spring considered as the oldest in this country.


Surrounded by ruins of American Indians (Tewa), the hotel established in 1868 has some buildings of the old days.

However, it looks rather modern in the design of Adobe style.

In this place, four kinds of springs are gushing, and you can enjoy the delicate differences.

The Soda Pool

The soda spring is poured into the only one indoor pool.

The iron spring has characteristic metallic smell.

The Iron Pool

This water has an awful name, the arsenic spring.

It has stronger bubbles than the soda spring.

The Arsenic Pool

Here is a mud bath.

It is said to be good for beauty to cover your face and body with the mud.

Mud Bath

The lithia spring is considered good for mental illness.

It is awesome that the characteristic nature of spring water with different temperature (81 to 109 degrees F) is carefully provided into different tubs.

The Lithia Pool

This water has been consider as valuable among Americans colonists, ancient Spanish, and indigenous peoples.

If you find the root of the proverb first written above in Analects, you will see the last half abbreviated:

Confucius said “Things present are judged by the things past. Then you will be a good leader.”

It is not enough to realize the great value of the oldest hot spring in the United States.

After getting out of the bath, it is required to act as a kind of leader.

Then, I am introducing the enchantment of hot springs.

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