Nurturing Nest Mineral Hot Springs & Spa, California

Do you know one of the largest spa towns near Los Angeles?

It is Desert Hot Springs.

Such well-known town provides, beyond expectation, excellent hot spring water.

Desert Hot Springs

Most spa cities in the United States look deserted, but it is not the case with areas near the metropolis, Los Angeles.

Desert Hot Springs, California

Photo by Chuck Coker – Desert Hot Springs, California (2016) / CC BY-ND 2.0

It takes two hours’ drive from Los Angeles to get to the big spa cities such as Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs.

They are popular for vacation destinations.

This time, I will introduce a small inn at Desert Hot Springs.


It is a tidy motel with rustic guest rooms.

There is a pool in the garden.

Outdoor Pool

Unfortunately, it seems that they do not utilize hot springs there.

Beside the outdoor pool, there is a big indoor bath, and you need bath suits in both areas.

Indoor bath with free-flowing water

The indoor bath also looks like a swimming pool, and it is breast-deep.

Indoor Pool

From the water outlet, extremely hot water is being poured, and you cannot easily approach it.

Even though the water temperature is so hot, providing it into a very large pool enables comfortable soaking.

However, there was a problem.

I thought discharge of trashes like hairs was insufficient.

The first reason was that water input was not enough compared to the size of the tub.

The second reason was the drain outlet was on the same side of the tub as water outlet.

Thus, I approached the water outlet as much as possible, and enjoyed the spring with silky-smooth texture.


A Buddha statue makes a calm atmosphere, and at night, the room changes to comfortable space with ambient light.

Hot springs come from nature, so that human beings have to consider how to utilize them.

That is what makes it even more interesting.

Nurturing Nest Mineral Hot Springs & Spa, Desert Hot Springs, California, USA
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