Numajiri Motoyu, Numajiri Onsen

Some hot springs are unforgettably impressive.

Numajiri Motoyu is one of them.

Do not attempt to go there because it is in the danger zone with poison gas.

Four people were died in 1997 due to the poisoning of volcanic gas.

It remains dangerous depending on the weather and ground form.

Steep Route of Climb

Take aim at Tamura-ya Ryokan in the spa city.

Then turn left and pass through a ski site to get to a parking lot.

You need 30 minutes’ hiking through a trail whose condition is very bad.

Shiraito No Taki

You will see a big waterfall along the way.

The waterfall is located down the stream of the geothermal area, so the water is clouded with the constituents.

Largest Amount of Discharge in Japan

You will see an extraordinary spectacle with volcanic smokes.

The smell of volcanic gas (sulfur smell) is so strong that in a minute or less, you will detect no smell.

This hot water gushing from an old mine is famous for the largest amount of discharge (4,000 gallons per minute) for a spring in Japan.

Hot Springs River

A small part of the water is piped to inns at the foot of the mountain; the most part is unused and overflowed into the river.

The water temperature is extremely hot (160 degrees F), so be careful for burn injuries.

I found a place with moderate temperature, being mixed with the river water.


Weather in a mountain is changeable in a short time.

It started to blow strongly, although it can be said safer in view of poisoning.

In a frigid climate, I jumped into the river with nothing on.


Is this heaven or hell?

I felt as if I were at one with the great nature, being washed out by overwhelming amount of hot water.

Numajiri Motoyu, Numajiri Onsen, Fukushima, Japan
LodgingNO (There are inns at the foot of the mountain)
Official WebsiteNO

Related hot springs

There is a proverb, a wise man keeps away from danger.

Sennin Buro

Sennin Buro, Kawayu, Onsen, Wakayama, Japan

This is another hot spring river, available only in winter.

Mineral water gushing from the bottom is mixed with the river water, which enables comfortable soaking.

It can be said a spot for a wise man.

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