Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

What do you bring up the image of hippie?

People tend to think it as the thing of the past, with the negative images like the abuse of drugs or freedom of sex.

It is relatively unknown that Steve Jobs who created iPhone had the thought and creed.

Manifest Mission

It is three hours’ drive to a hot spring motel, from Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah.


It declares the manifest mission:

Mystic Hot Springs creates an authentic environment which raises self-awareness by direct experience with nature, art and antiquities.

Few hot springs define their meaning of existence like this.

Hippie bus

Here are today’s cabins, old school buses that looks symbolizing the hippie spirit.

School Buses

They are filled with mysterious atmosphere inside.

The room is drafty and cold but thankfully, a heater is equipped.


Travertine mound

Hot springs are gushing behind the office.

The temperature of the source is extremely hot, 167 degrees F.

The water is gradually chilled though the long flow path and provided into tubs.

There are two large tubs with shallow (99 degrees F) and deep (109 degrees F) ones.

Big Tubs

Several small tubs are placed in the premises, and some of them are almost buried in travertine mound.

Lodgers can enjoy the opaque water with slight metallic smell for 24 hours.

Calcareous Deposit

You may realize that you cannot get any further happiness when you gaze at the stars, take a drop in the hippie bus, and soak in the hot springs.

How wonderful it is to live in the nature!Small Tubs

Look at your iPhone (or any other smartphones affected by iPhone) and its minimal design.

You see a kind of influence from the hippie culture, especially Zen that Steve Jobs had been fascinated with.

The explosive growth of iPhones might be due to people’s unconscious sympathy to the spirit that focused on resistance to tradition and regime, and return to the nature.

Mystic Hot Springs embodies such concept of values.

Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, Utah, USA
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