Boquillas (Langford) Hot Springs, Texas

Do you know hot springs nearly on border?

The border between the United States and Mexico became the focus of attention, due to President Trump’s promise.

While soaking in the hot spring that is located nearly on the border, what do you see from the tub?

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is one of the largest, and at the same time the least popular national parks in the continental United States.


In exchange for untouched wilderness, it is difficult to get around; it takes five hours’ drive from El Paso and six from San Antonio.

In 1909, there was a man who established a resort around hot springs set in this splendid view of nature.

His name was J.O. Langford.

Many people visited his town in search the efficacy for malaria.

However, nobody was able to stay in this town, due to repeated attacks from gangs of bandits.

Even today, hot springs are gushing in the ruin, which is one of the attracts of the park.


Proceeding along the cliff, you hear chatter of the Rio Grande.

Rustic outdoor bath

It is so surprising that many people gather around this secluded spring.

Open-air bath

The upper part of the building of an indoor bath collapsed and it looks like an open-air bath.

The water temperature is tepid, around 104 degrees F.

Nobody seems to have cleaned the tub for a long time, and it is partly muddy.

Now then, where is the border?

Infinity Pool

In fact, the opposite shore is Mexico.

The Rio Grande is indeed a rushing river, but anyone can easily go across it.

When you soak in the hot spring that is located nearly on the border, you see just a small river.

Boquillas (Langford) Hot Springs, Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA
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