[Acculturation] Lake Elsinore Hot Springs Motel

Do you know Elsinore Hot Springs?

It is only an hour drive from Los Angeles to the spa city, where you can see spa facilities mainly maintained by Korean communities today.

I believe that this place where is easy to access from the urban area can have great effect on American people’s thoughts about hot springs.

Lake Elsinore

The largest lake in the Southern California, Lake Elsinore used to a popular cottage area for Hollywood stars in the early 1900s.

Lake Elsinore CA

Photo by ..Russ.. – Lake Elsinore CA (2014) / CC BY-SA 2.0

During the World War II, and this big lake was used for the testing fort seaplanes, and even now you can see plenty of water.

Lakeside Spa City

It is only ten minutes’ walk from another spa facility, House of Siloam.


At Lake Elsinore Hot Springs Motel too, you can enjoy the unique water that has strong smell of hydrogen sulfide.

Here is the indoor bath, and you will find completely same tiles are used as House of Siloam.

Indoor Bath

Unfortunately, the not good use of spring water looks also similar and you can hardly find fresh spring water provided into the tub.

When you go outside, you will see a big pool.


The water of the pool is not spring water, but in the back, there is a hot tub filled with free-flowing spring water!

Through the characteristic water outlet, even though the amount is small, hot spring water is always provided to the tub.

On that regard, Lake Elsinore Hot Springs Motel looks superior to House of Siloam.


The unique water has slimy texture and strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, which is especially valuable in the United States where people normally recognize the smell as bad odor.

At the shower room near the indoor bath, you can take a shower using the spring water.

Washing Place

The place where you can hog the great water is, unfortunately lacking in cleanliness.

In the damp room, I had to struggle against a giant cockroach.

I believe that this spa city where is easy to access from the urban area has a major role to play.

If a spa facility is clean and comfortable, American people’s fixed thinking that hydrogen sulfide is bad smell may gradually change.


😆 Pros

Free-flowing water that is rare at Elsinore Hot Springs

😥 Cons

Lack of cleanliness at the shower room

Lake Elsinore Hot Springs Motel, Lake Elsinore, California, USA
Walk-in YES
Lodging YES
Official Website NO

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