[Zero Gravity] La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

What do you think is efficacy of hot springs?

Do you think the most important element is the inclusion?

Actually, only a little inclusion can be absorbed through the skin.

Today I would like to introduce a hot spring in terms of “gravity.”

Hot Spring Inn with Pale Blue

In Truth or Consequences, there is an area where many hot springs that are upwelling from the ground have a gathering.

Among them, you will find an especially beautiful hot spring inn.


The building partly painted with pale blue is the old inn.

Walk-in is available, and let us get inside.

The rate is $7 for 30 minutes’ soak and $12 for a hour.

Water Temperature

There are five private baths and all of them are upwelling from the ground.

Depending on amount of water provided, water temperature of each tub differs between 96 and 106 degrees.

The white board shows temperature of the day.


The lobby surrounded by private baths has many leafy plants and even foot baths against the wall.

Let us look into one of the smallest bathroom.

Small Tub

A pastel-colored wall painting looks impressive.

The shallow tub is cobbled with small stones, and filled with spring that has slight mineral odor.

Floating at the center of the tub

Here is one of the biggest bathrooms.

On the wall of the dark room, there is a hole with sunshine.

Big Tub

Through the hole, spring overflows into the river outside.

At the center of the tub, there is a hanging rope from the ceiling.

It is no exaggeration to say zero gravity when you hang down the rope!

One of efficacies of hot springs is ascending force.

It is not peculiar to hot springs, but if you soak up to your neck in water, the gravity on your body decreases to one-tenths.

You can feel even more relaxed if you hang down a rope at the same time.

Indeed, it is simple, but an eye-opening experience that enhances one of hot springs’ efficacies.


😆 Pros

Great idea enhancing ascending force

😥 Cons

A little bit small bathroom

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA
Walk-in YES
Lodging YES
Official Website YES

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There is no rope hanging in this hot spring.

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Instead, you can feel stronger ascending force because of the concentrated inclusion.

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