[Real Arima] Kamiobo, Arima Onsen

Do you know real Arima Onsen?

Arima is counted among Thee Ancient Springs and is near big cities like Osaka and Kobe, and some of you may have been there.

However, this historical spa city is facing depletion of the water; therefore, there are few inns providing real hot springs in terms of water not artificially processed.

Walk-in Available Only in Short Time

Arima Onsen is over 1,000 years old so that the streets are narrow.

Arima Onsen

Photo by cotaro70s – Arima Onsen (2013) / CC BY-ND 2.0

Kamiobo is at Yumotozaka, the street crowded with many tourists.

The rate for walk-in is 1,000 yen.

Please be aware that walk-in is available only from 3 PM to 6 PM.

Encounter with real Arima Onsen

In contrast to the well-renovated appearance, the corridor to bathrooms looks rustic.

Ping-pong Table

There are two tubs in the steamy room.

The left opaque water is so-called Golden Spring.


The right tub is filled with tap water and not so-called Silver Spring, which is also popular among the area.

The water is hardly transparent, has metallic smell and looks like richly textured soup that includes iron and salt.

Golden Spring

So much material is contained that you will notice your body floating as if it were Dead Sea.

After a moment, you will feel intensely heated from inside.

Unique faucet pours 208 degrees water

It is completely magic that such hot water comes out from this non-volcanic area and we cannot help but celebrate the mystery of nature.

Water outlet

There are no artificial processes to cool the water to moderate temperature; the inn uses a bamboo with several holes and let water expose cool air bit by bit.

Still it is too hot for soaking so be careful!


😆 Pros

Extremely hot and concentrated water

😥 Cons

The bathroom is closed and therefore for enthusiasts

Kamiobo, Arima Onsen, Hyogo, Japan
Walk-in YES
Lodging YES
Official Website YES

Related hot springs

Generally, springs contain iron look brownish-red, but the appearance delicately differs depending on the ingredients.

Yamabato Yu

Yamabato Yu, Shionoha Onsen, Nara, Japan

This looks bright like orange juice.

You can enjoy rich natural environment from the open-air bath and the water temperature is moderate; it must be one of the best choices for holiday-making.

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