Jordan Hot Springs, New Mexico

What is the purpose for soaking in hot springs?

Is it to get rid of tiredness?

Today I will visit a hot spring where definitely causes fatigue after 12 hours’ hiking.

The paradoxical place may offer instructive insight.

Round Trip of 16 Miles

I searched for another hot spring in wilderness, going upstream along the river from Lightfeather Hot Spring.

In a few hours, I found it difficult to move forward as intended.

Pushing though trackless forests, sometimes I lost my way.


The elevation was around 6,000 feet and the air temperature dropped to below freezing at night even in autumn.

Returning before sunset might become a matter of life or death.

I bled slightly from grazed both feet that went wrinkly in crossing the river many times.

Awesome rocks became less attractive due to fatigue and impatience.


Why do I have to stick to Hot springs?

Probably I am struggling against meaningless things.

In fact, I am in no position to wonder about the meaning of Hot springs, but the meaning of my existence is wondered by eternal Hot springs.

It is also true if you replace the word Hot spring with Life.

The kind of change in thinking is known as Copernican Revolution.

Thinking of such disjointed thoughts, I finally found a tub made of rocks in the river.

Awe-inspiring bath

Open-air Bath

Going upstream, under a fallen tree, there is an open-air bath large enough for ten people.

The water temperature is around 100 degrees F, and it looks colorless and transparent.

Two Water Outlets

The right side waterfall is the source of the spring, and another source is in the left side under the root, which provides hotter water.

Looking back, I encountered the exquisite beauty in wild nature.

World of Green

I realized it important to sense and correspond to what question is raised, facing various circumstances surrounding Hot springs.

Jordan Hot Springs, Gila National Forest, New Mexico, USA
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