[Forgotten City] Jacumba Hot Springs Spa & Resort

What did influence the destiny of the city?

The West Coast is an area of high population density, and is located on the Ring of Fire, so that there are several spa cities nearby.

Meanwhile, there are  places becoming a ghost town.

Closed Boarder

The closest hot springs to the U.S-Mexican border is Boquillas Hot Springs, and the second one would be Jacumba Hot Springs.

In the past, there were no walls between the United States and Mexico, and practically anyone could come and go freely.

U.S.-Mexico Border

Photo by Anthony Albright – U.S.-Mexico Border (2017) / CC BY-SA 2.0

However, the number of drug-related smuggling and illegal immigrant had been increased

In 1995, the border was barricaded and it dictated the city’s destiny of the continuous downfall.

During World War II, here had been the world-famous spa city, but it lost out to cities more closely to Los Angeles like Desert Hot Springs; Jacumba Hot Springs is largely forgotten.

When I visited there, there was no cell phone reception from the U.S. and my cell phone connected to Mexican carriers.


This motel is the only facility that opens today.

Great Quality but Poor Usage of Water

The indoor bath has just a Jacuzzi.

Indoor Pool

From the very beginning, I do not like Jacuzzi.

If the amount of new water is insufficient, the water in the tub must be contaminated just as same as a wash machine.

Let us switch to open-air baths.

Outdoor Pool2

There are two huge pools in the garden, and free-flowing water is fed to the tubs.

The temperature of the source is originally tepid (around 100 degrees), and it is chilled in the huge tubs.

Water Outlet

The quality of the spring is very characteristic, and it clearly smells like rotten eggs!

Generally, people in the United States recognize the smell of hydrogen sulfide as bad odor, so I assume that one of the reasons for the city’s downfall may be its smell.

At the same time, I feel regret for the fact that they seem to make little effort to use the characteristic water effectively.


😆 Pros

Chilled water that is the best for summer

😥 Cons

Need for small tubs for enjoying the characteristic water

Jacumba Hot Springs Spa & Resort, Jacumba Hot Springs, California, USA
Walk-in YES
Lodging YES
Official Website YES

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A number of Japanese-affiliated companies starting from Nissan have their plants in Aguascalientes.

The name of the city itself means hot water, that is to say hot springs.

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