Izura Kanko Hotel, Izura Onsen

Is it difficult for a large-seized hotel to have good hot springs?

Indeed, it is usually true, so that small motels with hot springs often provide their water in a better condition.

However, there are some exceptions:

Izura in Ibaragi is one of the most important places for Japanese modern art, and is famous for its beautiful scenery.

In a large-sized hotel at such tourist spot, there is a great hot spring with characteristic smell.

Mecca of Japanese Modern Art

In the period when Japan drastically became westernized, Tenshin Okakura achieved great performance in appreciating the value of Japanese traditional art, and preserving and developing it.

Izura was his stronghold.

Yokoyama, Taikan

Source: Taikan Yokoyama – Moon at Izura (1935) / {{PD-old-50}}

His pupil, Taikan Yokoyama also developed his creative activities in the place, and you can see the scenery in his piece, “Moon at Izura.”

The small building represented in the picture was designed by Tenshin Okakura.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the tsunami disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Now it has been rebuilt and the number of tourists is recovering.

Large-sized hotel

Besides the small building, there is a giant hotel.


The appearance is a little bit old-fashioned, but it is maintained cleanly.

I worried about the quality of the water, because large-sized hotels like this often provide hot springs in a bad condition; circulating and adding chemicals or tap water.


As you can see, the lobby is also old-fashioned.

The rate for walk-in is 1,000 yen.

Characteristic nature of the spring

The bathhouse renovated after the Great East Japan Earthquake builds a sense of openness with the glorious view of the Pacific.

Indoor Bath

The water temperature of the source is surprisingly hot (160 degrees) and it is poured into tubs without artificial modifications.

What is brilliant is the smell.

I did not expect to experience such delicate and characteristic smell of mineral oil.

The water contains much salt and warms you up soon.

Open-air Bath

What did the great master of Japanese modern art think of while viewing the ocean?

Perhaps they might see the entire would beyond the beautiful Japanese coast line.

Izura Kanko Hotel Bekkan Daikanso, Kita Ibaragi-shi, Ibaragi, Japan
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