Indian Springs Bath House, New Mexico

Do you know a hot spring where is free of vanities?

This underground bathroom does not have even a window, and it may look barren.

However, the room reached the functional beauty, by pursuing goals for providing hot springs in the best condition…

Truth or Consequences

In Japan, hot springs upwelling from the ground are regarded as valuable, but it is not necessary the case in the United States.


More precisely, Japanese people who love Onsen tend to pump up water from the ground wherever it is, so that the percentage of hot springs upwelling from the ground is very low.

In the United States, on the other hand, people usually utilize hot springs naturally exist, so that the ratio of hot springs upwelling from the ground is relatively high.


One of the most biggest spa cities (about two thousand gallons of water per minute) in southwest of the United States, Truth or Consequences has also such hot springs at No. 6 through 8 above.

Modest appearance

The name Indian Springs seems to be quite a direct naming, because hot springs in this area had been maintained by American Indians as Ojo Caliente de Las Palomas.

Staying overnight is also available, but today is for walk-in.


The owner suddenly appeared when I knocked the door, finding the reception.

The payment is only by cash, and it costs only $8 for one- hour soaking.

Simple bathroom

There are only two bathrooms in this facility, and I will introduce the bigger private bath.

You need to go down the basement stairs from the parking lot.

Bigger Tub (Angle)

When you open the underground chamber, you will see an extremely simple bathroom and a bathtub with beautiful stones at the bottom.

Here is free of vanities, and the place only for facing the hot spring upwelling from the ground.

Bigger Tub (Front)

Plenty of warm water with slight mineral odor is being provided into the tub.

Indian Springs Bath House, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA
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Related hot springs

Here is Japanese hot spring six thousand miles away.

Maga Onsenkan

Maga Onsenkan, Maga Onsen, Okayama, Japan

Everything such as nature of the spring and structure of the bathroom is remarkably similar.

The only difference is a bamboo cylinder stuck at the center of the tub; through the cylinder, the hot spring is upwelling from ground.

When someone pursue goals for providing hot springs in the best condition, he or she will reach such functional beauty at an universal level.

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