Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico

Did you know Mexico has many hot springs?

Mexico is a resource-rich nation in terms of hot springs, because it is located on Ring of Fire.

Today I will visit an amazing spot where seems to symbolize the resources.

Gallons of hot spring water are gushing from giant caves, and there is a theme park centering the warm river flowing out.

Sacred Waterfall

It is 3.5 hours’ drive from Mexico City.

(If you do not like driving, you can find some one-day bus tours.)

You will see a sacred waterfall deep in the mountain.


A hot spring is gushing from the calcareous rocky hill, and behind the waterfall, there are two caves.

The water flowing out from here makes a warm river, and an extensive theme park centering hot springs is surrounding it.

Hotels (reservation unable), camping grounds, and restaurants are available in the park.

Amazing calcareous cave

Small Cave

In the left side of the waterfall, you will find a smaller cave around 50 feet length where you can get inside.

Hot water is gushing everywhere in the complete dark, and you will have zero visibility.

It seems apparently dangerous due to some ponds in the dark.

Under waterfall

Behind the waterfall basin, a larger cave has a great pool in a state of nature.

The water temperature is not so hot (around 100 degrees F), but it is rather comfortable in warm air in the cave.

The water looks milky white and has smooth texture.

From the ceiling of the cave, gallons of water are provided into the pool.

Big Cave

Under the column of water, Mexican people enjoy the fresh spring, although it looks like a kind of ascetic training.

The water makes a hot spring river streaming in the theme park.

Enough facilities


Here, you will find restaurants, and the water temperature is around 86 degrees F.

The time to visit needs to be noted.

It is better to avoid the rainy season (June through September), because the river may get dirty after rain.

Paraíso Escondido

There are also open-air baths with a superb view, near a hotel (Paraíso Escondido) on the mountainside.

The rich resource of hot springs meets Mexican culture that they do not take it too seriously about safety and nature conservation in a positive and negative way; which realizes the amazing theme park.

Grutas Tolantongo, Cardonal, Hidalgo, Mexico
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