[World’s Biggest Hot Spring Pool] Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

What do you think the good points of Americans?

I like the way they seem to think that the bigger something is, the better it is.

Everything from cups in a restaurant to pickup trucks running on the street looks huge as if it were the symbol of wealth.

The world’s biggest hot spring pool is as well in the United States.

Hot Springs the President Loved

It is two and a half hours’ drive from Denver to the spa city.

Surprisingly in the United States, the automobile society, you can drop in there from the train (Amtrak) station.

It can be said that Glenwood Hot Springs is one of the most famous spa cities in this country.

The Hotel Colorado

Once people called The Hotel Colorado “Little White House,” as Theodore Roosevelt loved staying there.

According to one explanation, a teddy bear was born from a stuffed toy given by this hotel to his family.

World Biggest Hot Spring Pool

Beside the Hotel Colorado, there is a historic bathhouse that was built in 1888, where symbolizes the spa city.

Main Pool

For a long time this area had been maintained by American Indians (Ute), but during the Gold Rush era, in the late 1800s, American settler established control over the place including hot springs.

You will see the world’s biggest hot spring pool right in front of the bathhouse that tells of the history.

The pool is divided into two, and the larger one on the near side is tepid around 91 degrees.

Therapy Pool

The smaller one is the therapy pool and the temperature is around 104 degrees.

Water in both tubs is high in salt, so that you need to take care not to feel dizzy after taking a long bath.

Unfortunately, the water is chlorinated and you smell the bad odor that gets ruined the quality of the source!

Source of the Spring

What is worse is that they filter and add freshwater to the great water with emerald color of the source behind the facility, probably because most Americans recognize the smell of hydrogen sulfide as bad smell.

You can enjoy it in the better condition at this small hot spring fountain beside the pool.

Original Spring

Although there are several complaints in the way they use the water, the huge pool against the beautiful background of Colorado Mountains is worth seeing.

As the day ebbs, it is brightly lit.

Night Pool

Here is a “great” hot spring that Americans imagine.


😆 Pros

Worse seeing huge pool

😥 Cons

The way they use the water

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA
Walk-in YES
Lodging YES
Official Website YES

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