Five Palms Warm Well Oasis, California

Can you imagine warm springs in the desert?

It is two hours’ and a half drive from San Diego.

In the dried-up field, suddenly you will encounter a beautiful oasis surrounded by palm trees.

The hidden spring is, surprisingly a warm spring.

Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a famous sightseeing spot where many tourists visit from across the globe.

Around Salvation Mountain

Photo by Kevin Dooley – Around Salvation Mountain (2017) / CC BY 2.0

This place is just like an oasis full of colors and religious messages, where a hippie, Leonard Knight had developed solely for 30 years.

Dangerous way to warm spring

Another 40-minute drive from Salvation Mountain will take you to a real oasis with palm trees.


Please take extra care that you need to go through the desert, and your car may be stuck in the fragile sand if you happen to stop it.

Be sure to continue moving to a hard ground.

Under the palms, there is a shallow pond, and from a pipe buried at the bottom, water is gushing.

Open-air bath

The water is tepid, clear, and without aroma.

There are small fishes swimming but it is kept clean without artificial trashes.

Mechanism like no other

When I was there, an aged man with nothing on was enjoying soaking.

Enjoying soaking

I talked to him and found that he seemed to be a keeper here, and he installed the pipe by himself.

According to his advice, I blocked the water outlet, and then extremely surprised!

The bottom of the pond started to cave in to the knee, and it became just like a sand bath.

Sand bath

I assume that without the pipe, the pond will be a bottomless swamp.

I believe this spring in wilderness is the only place where you can enjoy an open-air bath and sand bath at the same time.

5 Palms Warm Well Oasis, Yuma, California, USA
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