Esan Onsen Ryokan, Esan Onsen

The color of the hot springs water is just like rooibos tea.

The texture is much more powerful than that appearance.

Volcanic Activities

Mt. E, at 2,026 feet elevation is located in the east edge of the Oshima Peninsula.


You can drive to the crater floor.

As same as Mt. Osore in Aomori Prefecture, it is considered as a sacred mountain among Japan‘s ancient mountain worship.

Esan Onsen Ryokan


The mineral water gushing in the crater floor is piped to a inn started the business in 1932.

The red-colored tile roofing looks like a prologue of the red hot water.


Passing a little bit cluttered entrance, walk to the bath.

There are only two bathrooms that is gender-separated.

Many posters on the wall says that you cannot use a soap.


Due to the strong acidity, alkalinity soaps become neutralized and lose the detergency.

It may sound an attractive advertise phrase to soakers.


This is the men’s bathroom that has a massive appearance.

Under a window,  there is just a wooden tub.

The extremely simple bathroom is naturally decorated by mineral deposits.

Hot Tub

Gallons of water is provided into the four-person tub.

The water temperature is approximately 140 degrees F, but while flowing in a pipe for two miles, it is cooled down to around 104 degrees F.

In winter, it becomes too cold, so that the water is heated artificially.

Water Outlet

The vivid color like rooibos tea is due to the bright color of the wooden tub and the characteristic spring quality.

According to the analysis statement, aluminium ions contained is 325.7mg/kg, which is the best among Japanese hot springs.

Usually I do not rely on such analysis statements, but rather take in information through the five senses, because I cannot understand the chemical character in an accurate way.

Washing Place

However,  it is apparent that the powerful texture is due to the contained materials.

Be careful not to dip in it too long.

I was really impressed with the acid water, and soaked so long that it dried out the skin.

Esan Onsen Ryokan, Esan Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan
Walk-inYES (6:00 AM – 8:00 PM )
LodgingYES (Online Reservation Available)
Official WebsiteYES

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