[Triple Enchantment] Ebisuya, Tamanashi Onsen

Do you know the place where you can enjoy three different hot springs: an Onsen Ryokan and two public baths?

Ebisuya Ryokan is located in the mountains of Aizu area and there are no other inns nearby.

Nonetheless, it is surrounded by two public baths whose nature of the springs is different.


Only One Inn along the River

The inn along the Nojiri River is a reinforced concrete structure and does not have rustic atmosphere.


There used to be other inns, but today it is the one and only inn in this area after a flood damage.

Let us go to the bathroom of the inn.

Indoor Bath

Here is one of the single-gender indoor baths.

There is a big tub in the room facing the river.

The nature of the spring is so excellent that contains carbon dioxide and iron.

The water temperature is around 110 degrees F and it looks yellowish brown.

Private Bath

Here is a private bath, which is separated from the main building.

The water is different from that in the indoor bath.

It also contains much carbon dioxide, but the water temperature is about 97 degrees and it looks clear and colorless.

Fine horse-meat Sashimi

It is time to have dinner.

Horse-meat Sashimi

Aizu area is famous for horse-meat.

You can add the malty Sashimi to your dinner if you ask them when you make a reservation for lodging (additional fee: 1,000 yen).

Dense Zone of Public Baths

The ratio of public baths for each person in this area would be noteworthy.

There are two public baths; one is right behind Ebisuya near the river, and the other is on the opposite shore.

You can use both of them with only 200 yen.

Here is the one with the sexes separated on the opposite shore.

Tamanashi Onsen Kyodo Yokujo

Tamanashi Onsen Kyodo Yokujo, Tamanashi Onsen, Fukushima, Japan

In the rustic bathroom covered with mineral deposits, there is a beautiful artificial flower, which has a clear message of local residents that they love the place.

A part of the water is piped over the river to Ebisuya and another public bath, because the amount of water is sufficient.

Hachimachi Onsen Kyodo Yokujo

Hachimachi Onsen Kyodo Yokujo, Hachimachi Onsen, Fukushima, Japan

Here is the other public bath behind Ebisuya.

It is mixed bath, so that the tub is bigger.

The original source of the spring of this public bath does not have enough amount of water, so that two kinds of springs are blended in the tub.

Indeed, there are other areas that has many public baths, but this area is valuable because there is only one inn nearby where you can get away from the crowds.



Triple enchantment that you can enjoy thr Ryokan’s bath and two public baths



Ebisuya, Tamanashi Onsen, Fukushima, Japan
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