[Star-spangled Sky] Chinati Hot Springs

Do you want to spend a night in a lodge with hot springs, under star-spangled sky?

Texas is about twice as large as Japan, but unfortunately, there are few hot springs.

In such state, I found a so great lodging facility.

Only One Lodge in Desert

It is 4 hours’ and a half drive from El Paso.

Without pre-order via telephone, you cannot even soak in the hot springs.


Over ten minutes’ drive on dirt trail will take you to pretty lodges.

I stayed in a room named “El Corazon,” with a private bath.

Please look twice before the reservation because some rooms do not have private baths and the price differs.

Welcoming by barefaced cat

Cute cat

A cute cat welcomed me to the room; however, he began to sleep on the bed as if he owned the place…

Leaving him lay, I went to a private bath pertaining to the lodge.

Indoor bath

The beautiful yellow bath room had an ordinary bath tub.

There were candles and I could enjoy a space all my own.

The springs flew down to the tub, but the water input was not enough and I felt a little bit tepid.

I also had to be careful about the water discharge, because the water could overflow if I continued to pour water the tub.

Open-air bath under star-spangled sky

Open-air bath

There is only one open-air bath and you must bring bathing suits there.

Since a good deal of spring was being poured, I felt much hotter than the indoor bath.

The water hardly had particular taste and smell.

When I looked up, there was star-studded sky…

Milky Way

I have been to many secluded hot springs, but here was the best place for enjoying stars.

At the only one lodging facility in the desert, you can see so rich star-spangled sky.


😆 Pros

 Beneath a ceiling of stars, an open-air bath in the vast desert

😥 Cons

Need for improvement of water discharge of indoor baths

Chinati Hot Springs, Presidio, Texas, USA
Walk-in NO
Lodging YES
Official Website YES


Related hot spring

This hotel provides full-scale hot springs in an ordinary bath tub.

Hotel Hanshin

Hotel Hanshin. Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

The typical bath tub in Japan called “Unit bath”  looks like boring, but the nature of the spring is excellent.

I was so impressed that I could enjoy the aromatic peat spring in such urban area, only one stop from Osaka Station.

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