Chinati Hot Springs, Texas

Do you want to spend a night in a cabin with hot springs, under a star-spangled sky?

Texas is about twice as large as Japan, but few hot springs can be founded.

In such state, there is a fantastic inn.

Chinati Foundation

It is three hours’ drive from El Paso.

sky reflected in donald judd aluminum

Photo by Paul Joseph – sky reflected in donald judd aluminum (2010) / CC BY 2.0

Donald Judd, called Father of Minimal Art reformed a former military base and established the museum, Chinati Foundation.

Against the background of isolated wilderness of Texas, he focused on the relationship between exhibitions and the environment.

Only one lodge in desert

Additional two hours’ drive is necessary to get to the pretty inn.


Today I would stay in a room named El Corazon with a private bath.

Please look twice before the reservation because some rooms do not have private baths and the price differs.

Welcoming by barefaced cat

Cute cat

A cute cat welcomed me to the room; however, he began to sleep on the bed as if he owned the place.

Leaving him lay, I went to the private bath pertaining to the cabin.

Indoor bath

The beautiful yellow bath room had an ordinary bath tub.

There were candles and I could enjoy the space all my own.

Unfortunately, the water input was not enough and I felt a little bit tepid.

I also had to be careful about the water discharge, because the water could overflow if I continued to pour water the tub.

Under a star-spangled sky

Open-air bath

There is only one open-air bath and you must bring bathing suits.

Since a good deal of spring was poured, I felt much hotter than the indoor bath.

The water hardly had particular taste and smell.

When I looked up, there was a sky full of stars.

Milky Way

At the only one inn in the desert, you can see the star-spangled sky.

Chinati Hot Springs, Presidio, Texas, USA
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