Hot Springs in California

[Forgotten City] Jacumba Hot Springs Spa & Resort

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What did influence the destiny of the city?

The West Coast is an area of high population density, and is located on the Ring of Fire, so that there are several spa cities nearby.

Meanwhile, there are  places becoming a ghost town.

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[Japan-Korea Disputes] House of Siloam

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Do only Japanese people enthusiastically love hot springs?

No, it is also applicable to Korean people.

In the United States, where accept diversity of ethnic groups, Korean community is one of the forces.

They maintain a hot spring with strong smell of hydrogen sulfide, which American people generally do not understand the value.

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[Desert Spring] Five Palms Warm Well Oasis

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Can you imagine warm springs in the desert?

It is 2 hours’ and a half drive from San Diego.

In the dried-up field, suddenly you will encounter a beautiful oasis surrounded by palm trees.

The hidden spring is, surprisingly a warm spring.

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