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Good hot springs, but some improvements needed

Meadow Hot Spring

Do you know what a lava tube is?

Sometimes a lava flow creates caves.

In case of low-viscosity magma, being exposed to the air, the external side becomes hard and the central portion flows outwardly.

Inside the cavity made though the process, hot springs are gushing.

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Ahalanui Park

Where do you think is the most popular hot spring in the Big Island?

Ahalanui Park is introduced through a variety of media.

The place is suitable for all ages due to the safety and cleanliness.

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Hawaii, Rating [2/5]

Lake Elsinore Hot Springs Motel

Do you know the word, acculturation?

Acculturation is the process of social, psychological, and cultural change that stems from blending between cultures.

A spa city near Los Angeles, Lake Elsinore has several hot spring facilities mainly maintained by Korean community.

I believe this place has a major role in acculturation among American people.

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Penny Hot Springs

Do you know hot springs in wilderness?

These are hot springs with free-flowing water and at the same time, there are no commercial facilities.

Accordingly, almost all hot springs in wilderness are open-air baths, and the difference is that no one maintains the places.

Normally such places are in a secluded area, but there is an exception.

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Pelican Spa

Do you know a hot spring cure?

A hot spring cure is to stay at a hot spring inn at least for a week and to have disease treatment through the soak.

For the purpose, different from hotels for holidaymaking or recovery from exhaustion, such inn should be cheaper and with the most basic amenity.

The hot spring inn in the United States was full of primary colors.

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