Hot Springs in Kyushu-Okinawa Region

[Hidden World of Peat Springs] Akishigeyu

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Do you know Peat springs?

This means hot springs containing organic substance derived from plants, but it is not an official term.

However, if you trace the roots, surprisingly, you will reach the Napoleonic Wars.

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[Firefly] Hatago Shibiso, Shibi Onsen

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Why do you think that you feel good when you are in an open-air bath?

An open-air bath is almost the only place where you can be naked in outdoor.

By getting naked, you can enjoy the changing seasons in perfect harmony with nature.

There is a hot spring where you can enjoy light of fireflies around rainy season.

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[Edge of Hot Springs] Suga, Natural Monument

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What is the definition of hot springs?

As long as the water upwelling from the ground is warm or hot, is it possible to call it a hot spring?

Japan has the Hot Springs Act.

According to the law, the natural monument in a southern island can be called a hot spring.

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[Phoenix-like] Koukichi No Yu, Kurokawa Onsen

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What is superiority of Kurokawa Onsen?

Both the relaxed atmosphere and nature of the spring would be correct answers.

However, you should learn good lessons from this phoenix-like city, which changed from a ghost town just as same as many spa cities in the world, to one of the most popular hot springs in Japan.

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