Hot Springs in Chugoku-Shikoku Region

[Three Ancient Springs] Hotel Kowakuen, Dogo Onsen

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Does a better-known hot spring provide better water?

Dogo Onsen is famous for being counted as Three Ancient Springs.

However, the amount of water is not so sufficient that you can hardly find free-flowing water.

Let us think about today’s Three Ancient Springs at the almost only one exception, Hotel Kowakuen.

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[Legacy of the Bubble Era] Yamamizuki, Shimanto Onsen

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Are there any relation between the bubble economy and hot springs?

During the bubble years, many recreation facilities including hot springs were developed across Japan.

However, quite a lot of these were abandoned in financial difficulties afterward.

This hot spring went out of business, even though it hardly did the business, and after a long interval of silence, it was perfectly renovated and you can enjoy the glorious ocean view from the spring with unique color…

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[Not Just Upwelling from the Ground] Okutsuso, Okutsu Onsen

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Do you know what are hot springs upwelling from the ground?

These are premium hot springs where you can enjoy extremely fresh water, because sources of the spring are located directly at the bottom of tubs.

Okayama prefecture is famous for having such springs, so I stayed in a Ryokan “Okutsuso.”

However, the enchantment of the inn was not just the hot spring upwelling from the ground.

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