Blackstone Hotsprings, New Mexico

Have you become curious about who soaked in a tub filled with spring water, before you use it?

If enough amount of water has been continuously poured, there would be no problems, but sometimes you may well feel uneasy.

Some of spa facilities with plenty of water, contrary to your concern, replace their water of private tubs every time people use it.

White Sands

This is not snow on the ground, but is composed of gypsum and calcium sulfate.

White Sands

Photo by Pinchof 2.0 – White Sands (2010) / CC BY 2.0

In fact, this only one fantastical scenery of White Sands has another side:

In 1945, the first in human history nuclear test called Trinity was executed at the experimental field nearby.

Well-kept hot spring inn

It is two hours’ drive from White Sands National Monument.

The inn is located in the west side of Truth or Consequences.


It looks a little bit dreary, but well-kept.

The walk-in rate for private open-air baths is $25 per 50 minutes’ soak.

Indoor bath with sauna

Before going to open-air bath, let us look inside the private indoor bath.

The Wet Room

It costs higher ($35 per 50 minutes), but it seems to count for much.

Gallons of hot water that are slightly salty are poured into the tub.


You would hardly see a sauna like this for private use, even if you pay a lot.

Self-service open-air bath

There are three open-air baths.

Here is one of them, called Red Bath.

Red Bath

When I entered the bathroom, the tub was vacant.

There was a valve in a box beside the tub, and I operated it by myself to have the tub filled with hot water.

Of course, I kept full throttle from the beginning to the end.

Soaking in the fresh spring that nobody used before, I deeply realized that the newest water is the best.

Blackstone Hotsprings Lodging & Baths, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA
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