Auto-restaurant Nagashima, Nagashima Onsen (Closed)

When are hot springs forced to close?

It is sorry to see favorite hot springs shut down, but I have experienced such farewells several times.

More and more hot springs are facing difficulties in changing in times.

In May 2017, Auto-restaurant Sora reopened at the same place, but closed aging in December 2017.


A botanical garden, Nabana No Sato may be a winner, where introduces extensive illumination in winter, when the number of visitors normally decreases.

7242 ***

Photo by Miyuki Kobayashi – 7242 *** (2012) / CC BY-ND 2.0

Heavy traffic jams are often seen around the garden.


Meanwhile, there is a hot spring disappeared silently.


Auto-restaurant Nagashima closed in March 2017.

An auto-restraint is a kind of old business category that started in the 1970s, and served meals to long-distant truckers for 24 hours.

As the growth of fast-food chains, however, many auto-restaurants were forced to close, except for some cases that offered additional values.

Among them, Auto-restaurant Nagashima was an especially wonderful place where people could enjoy easily the excellent nature of Nagashima Onsen.

Indoor Bath

Contrary to the old-fashioned appearance of the facility, the bathrooms were cleanly.

There were three tubs in the indoor bath.

Extremely hot water was filled in the right tub, and muscular truckers were enjoying the water not worrying much about the temperature.

Pot Bath

The characteristic spring with aromatic peat smell was provided into a pot tub outside.

Near a busy highway, traffic noise was loud in the open-air area.

Scenery from Pot Bath 

At opposite side of the parking lot, there is another hot spring for walk-in, Kurhaus Nagashima, where the same company maintains, but it seems to become decrepit.

Does diversification of individual value make hot springs less attractive?

The closure of Auto-restaurant was regretful to me.

Auto-restaurant Nagashima (Closed), Nagashima Onsen, Mie, Japan
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Related hot springs

Pipes of hot springs with concentrated inclusion may be clogged, which causes business failure.

Shibusawa Onsen

Shibusawa Onsen, Ueda-shi, Nagano, Japan

This hot spring with characteristic water with oil film closed in May 2017, due to the lack of funding to unclog pipes.

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