Do you know Peat Springs?

This means hot springs containing organic substance derived from plants, but it is not an official term.

However, if you trace the roots, surprisingly, you will reach the Napoleonic Wars.

Peat Pulp Bath

In 1798 French army led by Napoléon Bonaparte invaded Egypt.

At that moment, a folk remedy was handed down from Egypt to Europe, which was for injured soldiers to soak in peat (plant remains before changing to coals).

Napoléon‘s youngest brother, Jérôme Bonaparte established the world’s first spa resort for peat pulp bath in Bad Nenndorf in Germany.

Badende Frau, Thermalbad, Moorbad

Source: Badende Frau, Thermalbad, Moorbad – Ottmar Zieher (1927) / {{PD-old-70}}

After the defeat of French army, the bathing style became popular for health and beauty purpose among people in Germany and the neighboring counties; which was called Peat pulp bath (Moorbad in Germany).

It is said that the first place Japanese people started to use the term Peat springs is at Tokachi-gawa Onsen in Hokkaido in the early 20th century.

The advertising phrase was used due to the efficacy of the springs gushing from geological layers containing peat, which was similar to the old fashion in Germany.

Dense region of peat springs


After that, many hot springs were found throughout Japan that contained organic substance (humic acid) derived from plants just like Tokachi-gawa Onsen.

Especially, the area that the three prefectures of Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto share the border is known as the dense region of Peat springs.


Akishigeyu in Miyazaki is a walk-in facility in rural zone.

The rate is 500 yen.

Please be careful that the opening hours are short (from 10AM through 2:30PM).

Indoor Bathroom

The big tubs in the indoor bath are filled with free-flowing amber water with smooth texture.

In the whole room, you will smell the sweet aroma of Peat springs that is similar to that of sun-dried grass.

The tubs in the open-air bath are made of plastic and look simple, which are converted from soy source barrels.

Barrel Tubs

Here you can recognize why Peat springs or Peat pulp bath has been popular throughout the ages all over the world.

Akishigeyu, Ebino-shi, Miyazaki, Japan
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Related hot springs

It is about three miles from Akighigeyu to get to Kagoshima prefecture.

Haraguchi Onsen

Haraguchi Onsen, Yusui-cho, Kagoshima, Japan

Here you can find a peat spring whose color is dark brown like German peat pulp bath.

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